Bow Wow Blends dog treat power fruit smoothie

was created for very special babies – one in

particular that was having some tummy and

bowel issues.

Ruby our Golden Retriever of 8 years had been ill

and was on lots of meds including Metronidazole.

One morning while returning to bed with Ruby to

snuggle, we were startled awake by kicking. 

When we opened our eyes, we thought we would

see Ruby running in her dog dreams but instead

found Ruby having a bad seizure. She was flopping

like a fish out of water, kicking all her legs and

claws were gnarled. We believe it was a neurotoxicity

to Metronidazole. She was taking it long-term and 

while on the drug she didn't vomit or have diarrhea. 

Our vet said it could be due to the Metronidazole

but he also said it could be a one time event or more could come.

Ruby had previously seen a specialist in Albuquerque, NM and during that visit he said Ruby may need to stay on Metronidazole for the rest of her

life, we asked what are the side effects of long-term use of Metronidazole, 

he said neurotoxicity. We didn't research it then, or think anything of it at

the time because it seemed to be helping her until that day she had that seizure. Of course we freaked! We immediately took her off the drugs

and started researching what we could give Ruby's sensitive belly

so she could eat and keep her food in long enough to get the

nutrients she needed.

During this process we did research on foods and what helped and

didn't help dogs with tummy issues and we started making this dog

fruit smoothie for her and of course she shared it with her sisters.

We also switched her food to one with ingredients we thought wouldn't irritate herIt was trial and error until we found the right one. 

In the beginning, the dog fruit smoothie that was to become Bow Wow Blends was first made ONLY for Ruby and her sisters. We would put it on their food and freeze some of it for them to enjoy as a cold treat. Then one day while visiting a friend that has a food processing facility a light bulb went off and we thought why not let other special babies enjoy a fruit smoothie chocked full of healthy ingredients? 

Thank you for visiting our page and hopefully you have gotten to try some Bow Wow Blends Power Fruit Smoothie on your dog's food or maybe even put some in the freezer for them to enjoy frozen, if not request it from your local pet food retailer. 

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